90 Social Housings and Shops

Rue Fulton
75013 - Paris

anear Client : ICF La Sablière
Total area : 6 615m2 Floor area | 7 269m2 Habitable surface area
Cost of works : 12.5 M€ excluding tax
Performance : 2012 French Thermal Regulation, Paris Climate Plan

Loggias with views
Loggias are installed at the corners of buildings to offer the best views of the Seine.
They can be closed with sliding glass panels without any obvious joinery to provide protection against noise pollution and wind.

An artistic installation which fits in the dynamics of the 13th arrondissement
At night lights wander over the façade with the movements of boats, cars and passersby.

Façade overlooking the Seine
The sculpture plays on the differing storeys. Shadows and reflections bring the façade to life like a wave carried by the wind on the Seine, reflecting the river.
A fault, offering views of the Seine, allows the air to circulate in the block.
The corner loggias smooth out the contours of the two buildings on the upper storeys. This immateriality gives a streamline effect to both parts of the building.