Paris Acocks Green Social Housings + Small office Home office (SoHo)


106 housings
+18 SoHo (Small office Home office)

Secteur Chapelle Internationale
75018 - Paris

bayonne rencontre etudiant Client : RIVP
Total area : 8 680 m² Fl. Area
Cost of works : 13.3 M€ excl. tax
Performance : Climate Plan

Privacy, and panoramic point of view
The terraces and the large opened living-rooms offer clear and distant views to the upstairs apartments. The green spaces provide privacy for the downstairs apartments terraces.

Cohesion of the project
Both different G1 and G2 buildings are linked by the SoHo.
In order to reinforce the idea of belongong to the same project, their facade was made out of metal.

Recyclable shell
The light and self-supporting thermocoated aluminium structure contrasts with the concrete base.
The shell wraps the balconies, in order to filter the light, and respect privacy. The choice of a light coloured facade reinforces the light and shadow effects.
Each shell is divided in two or three parts. Each part receives light from a different manner, offering a segmented and slim perception of the building.