Brigitte Phillipon and Jean Kalt have been associates for the last fifteen years. They work with a dozen or so people, in Architecture, Urban planning and Design.

Their architectural vision relies on an urban, social, environmental and technical approach, that adapts to a specific and long term vision of the city.

Sustainable development issues are an opportunity to develop new buildings with both technical performances, and pleasant living space.

As urban planners, they promote in an exemplary manner the concept of the city of tomorrow. The Saint-Denis Island fluvial ecodistrict was awarded the French National Prize for the Future Ecodistricts in 2011.

They are also head of Ponka, a communication design company, that is developing an interactive photovoltaic screen, the PonkaWall, prefiguring the smart cities.


Odile Lesassier, Virgile Portron, Justine Goussard, Christophe Vieira, Alice Vallier, Candice Lherbe, Tanguy Leurent.
Diana Vargas - urbaniste, Zhe Wang - urbaniste, Christine Pollien
Dorian Maigues-Paysagiste,
Nicolas Csali-Maquettiste.


Nasandra Rarivo

Formers Collaborators

Pauline Albizzati, Théo Allouch, Laure Ardouin, Julie Bouccara, Eugénie Cabrera, Caroline Delbarre, Julien Derenne, François Desbrosses, Berengère Giaux, Mariana Ivancovsky, Yael Karouby, Kokou Kapo chichi, Nastasia la Spina, Nicolas Lhomelet, Pierre Lemoine, Marie Le Roy, Étienne Magueres, Laurence Mathez, Maureen Matveeff, Sébastien Ludwig, Murielle Monnier, Constance Milesi, Alice Petrilli, Chio Takamatsu, Aurianne Outters, Vincent Poilleux-Paysagiste, Antoine Roullin, Aurelie-anne Vincent,Inny Francard, Peggy Guilbert, Guénaëlle Humbert,Celine Devincre.


Hervé Abbadie, Arnauld Duboys Freyney, Sergio Grazia,Luc Boegly, Vincent Thfoin, Grégoire Kalt, Joan Bracco, Thomas Gogny


Shift, Artefactory, Luxigon, Peter O'brien, Loukat

Visual identity

Philippon - Kalt


Arthur Kalt

8, rue Bourgon
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