107 collective dwellings and city houses, shops, and multipurpose hall

Planner : SHEMA
Client : GOTHAM
Total area : 12 400 m² Fl. Area
Urban Study area : 3.4 ha
Cost of works : 14.8 M€ excl. Tax
Cost of public spaces : 1.3 M€ excl. Tax
Performance : 2012 French Thermal Regulation -20%

A co-developed project
A group of inhabitants, the planner, and the urban planner worked together to develop and propose this project to the city.

A remarkable landscape
The landscape that emerged from this unusual approach is now a symbol for the people from Bénouville. A walkway links the North and the South banks, giving the people a nice view of the natural landscape.

An attractive gateway to the city
A federating tree alley dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists likns the two parts of the city.
It expands next to the shops, at the crossroads between tourism and urban flux, thus reclassifying the gateway to the city.