Winning Project 2012

Project submitted to the COP 21
Trophée Innovation COOP HLM 2016
Special mention Achitizer 2016

66 ownership and social housings

Avenue Newburn 94600 Choisy-le-Roi

Client : Expansiel Promotion
Total area : 4 543 m² Fl. area | 4 780 m² Hab.s.a.
Cost of works : 7.5 excl. Tax
Label : French Effinergie + label, French Bbio Max -20%
Performance : French Bbio Max – 45%

An innovative light exterior
The project is characterized by its light wooden facade, developed by the agency.
It wraps both buildings, following their lines and their forms. It acts as a sliding shutter, and partially stops next to the terraces.
This 30cm thick shell is composed of industrial components ; a wooden structure, supported by steel sub-frames.

The bioclimatic design of the building –compacity, high performance shell, sun exposure- was good enough to get the Effinergie +, with a gain of 45% above the Bbio Max.

The purpose of this project is included in an urban renovation project, which should reach 375 public housings, and shops.