Research and Development Project

Project submitted to the COP 21
Project presented during Futur en Seine at la Gaité Lyrique in 2015
Project exposed at Lieu du Design (Paris) during « Urban Power » in 2015
Awarded the Iconic Award in 2014

2013 : Patented
2015 : Tests in situ in vivo

New neighbourhoods are being developed next to transport infrastructures, which cause noise and air pollution.
This densification leads to increasing energy needs.

It ensures three functions :
• block the noise
• product renewable energy
• ensure a digital and interactive communication

Track Side
The sound attenuation chamber absobs 27 dB.
Bamboo perforated panels avoid drivers from being blinded.

City Side
The photovoltaic cells convert the sunlight into electricity.
The flashcodes are linked to a virtual platform, for information in real time. It provides an augmented reality vision of the future area, allows participative gathering, and is a support of information for the citizens.

Links to websites can be updated at any moment by town hall, that gathers the information given by users.

The money obtained from selling the energy produced by the PonkaWall, and from communication and advertisement are part of the refunding of the PonkaWall.