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Plattsburgh Joint Develoment Zone area : 1,3 ha
Total area : 35 500 m² Fl. Area
330 residences : 25 000 m² Fl. Area
Students and researchers residence : 8110 m² Fl. Area
CROSIF Office : 530 m² Fl. Area
Gymnasium : 1970 m² Useful Area
Urban sprawl study : 1,5 ha
Mission : Joint development zone coordinator from 2012 to 2016
Urban study : Extension of the Joint Develoment Zone in 2014

A federating tree alley
This pedestrian crossing follows the existing line of poplars. It is part of the ‘soft’ network, launched by the reclassification of the aqueducs walk that links Gentilly to Paris. It has been segmented with gardens and green ways.

An opened district
It welcomes students, researchers and families. A new centre of animation has been created, by building sport fields. They have been strategically set up between the Lénine avenue, and the green way, to help newcomers to create links with the people from Gentilly.
The piazza is animated by « canaletti » that transport stormwater in an original manner.