72 beds for elderly people with Alzheimer's
2013 International Property Awards
2014 Iconic Award
2014 Nominated for the Architizer Awards Jury Award

49, rue Blanche
75009 - Paris

Client : Aximo
Client's representative : Paris Habitat
Total area : 4 300 m² Habitable surface area
Cost of works : 9 M€ excluding tax
Performance : Habitat & Environnement

Redeveloping a 1935 building in a historic district
The existing surface area of the building has been increased by 35%.

A permeable façade in dialogue with the garden
The project is based on the exceptional quality of its garden. The architectural design is inspired by plant colours and lines.
Acting as a second skin, the fishnet marks the limit of the building and instils permeability with the green space.
Multiplied by their shadows, the concrete parts with their random pattern offer a changing perspective of the building.
This second skin incorporates the gangways on each storey, due to fire service requirement.
Made out of white fibre concrete, it is in harmony with the stone tone and the mineral texture of the surrounding buildings in the heart of the block. It protects against the sun and opens the bedrooms up to very broad vistas of the garden. On the courtyard side, the façade is conserved and two recessed storeys have been set.

Living spaces organised as apartments
The layout of the ground floor is around a hallway that opens onto a garden. This huge communal space acts as an antechamber between the outer life (the courtyard, the main entrance) and the heart of the project. On each storey, six apartments are organised around a bright communal space.
This central and convivial place combines the functions of living room and dining room. A dozen or so rooms are placed around it.

A planted walkway
On the ground floor, large bay windows offer the greatest permeability with the garden. ln it relies an ambulatory with an elliptic shape : the scented, aromatic perennials revive the olfactory and visual memory of Alzheimer’s sufferers.