12 social housing units + 5 town house
Solar cells account for 44% of hot water requirements.
Their vertical layout prevents over production in summer.

36, rue de la Charbonnière
75018 - Paris

Client : SIEMP
Total area : 1 490 m² Habitable surface a rea
Cost of works : 2.8 M€ excluding tax
Performance : Very low energy building Cerqual A Rating

High-performance and atypical façade on a protected site
The façade displays its thermal solar panels over the boulevard de la Chapelle, thus capturing the free benefits of sunshine for the purpose of supplying 44% of hot water needs. Due to the absence of a technical evaluation, the Robin Sun cells have been the subject of an operation-specific site evaluation. In late 2009, they received European certification: the TUV.

Two skins, two uses
Solar panels convey the image of a façade with high technical performance, unusual in a classified historic district. These panels protect the residents from being seen by the passengers of the aerial subway and offer private loggias protected from the traffic noise of Boulevard de la Chapelle.

Private outside spaces for each home
The residents of the town houses access their homes via private patios on the ground floor and on the second floor. Apartments on the street open large views for the continuous south-facing loggias.