Poterne des Peupliers, 75013

Client : Eiffage Aménagement
Total area : 18 900 m² Fl. Area

Located by the city, surrounded by an heterogeneous environment, this project reorganizes the whole neighbourhood, in a programmatic, architectural, urban and environmental way.

A rehabilitation of public space
This project purpose is to create an attractive and calm public space in that environment surrounded by roads. It is largely composed of walks and includes grounds for bowls player. An animated piazza extends the activities that take place on the ground floor. The project creates a continuity between Paris and Gentilly.

A natural noise shield
The patented vegetated layer absorbs more than 20 dBA from the continuous traffic noise, located 50m away from the project.
The purpose of these panels are to check their efficiency, in order to link them to the ventilation system.

Landscape inclusion and Land Art
This project is located in a green area, next toth Kellerman park, and the Gentilly cemetery. It provides an ecological link between the existing natural areas, promoting the development of a wider biodiversity.