French National Prize for the Future Ecodistricts in 2011

Prototype for the future urban neighbourhood in 2009

Ecodistrict area : 22 ha
Joint Development Zone area : 13 ha
Cost of works : 85 M€ excl. Tax
Blueprints : 2006-2007
Construction of the Joint Development Zone : 2009
Works : 2012-2022

Functional, social and generational mixing
1,000 jobs /1,000 homes
Housings : 90 000 m²
Offices : 14 800 m²
Shops : 6 400 m²
Workshops : 23 600 m²
Facilities : 23 600 m²
Activities : 3 000 m²

The proximity of living, working and leisure spaces creates a lively district.

This neighbourhood links the southern town centre, and the surrounding municipalities.
It is divided in 4 sections with different landscapes, depending on their programme and their urban context.
This diversity of atmospheres, where each sequence announces the next one, adds lots of charm to this EcoDistrict.
The importance of water, biodiversity, energy and transport required a careful consideration, in order to make this EcoDistrict remain remarkable for the future.

A landscape endlessly redesigned by water
The softened banks bring back a fouvourable natural wetland for biodiversity. Rainwater is reused to save on drinking water and bring animation to public spaces. An educational trail on the theme of water has been devised across the ecodistrict.

Ambitious energy specifications
80% passive buildings. 20% Positive-energy buildings. Renewable energy calculation are made for each construction phase.
‘From the EcoDistrict to the EcoCity’: the urban heating network heats the town centre via the ecodistrict. Geothermal pumping optimises this network to reach 60% renewable energy.

Green mobility and car-free district
The district is restricted to ‘soft’ modes of transport and river transport. 4 mobility hubs pool parking, offer car-sharing services and incorporate services for residents.

Making use of the site constraints as sustainable re sources
A natural water reserve ensures continuity of the habitats of both banks, under high voltage power lines, a zone where construction is not authorised. A solar screen on the motorway viaduct stops noise pollution and produces renewable energy. Basins with fauna and flora border the most polluted areas and recreate a new habitat.