Conversion of an abandoned industrial land
165 Housings, composed of 20 Social ownership programmes

7 Quai du Châtelier
93450 L'Ile-Saint-Denis

Client : Icade Capri
Social Ownership Programme : Caps
Total area : 11 100 m² Fl. Area
Cost of works : 18 M€ excl. Tax
Peformance : French BBC label -Low Energy Building, 2005 French Thermal Regulation

Saint-Denis Island : the foundation stone of a fluvial ecodistrict
The aim is to include the Seine into this place, which gives this area an undeniable exoticism. Buildings are organised to create an architectural effect of private 3-storey buildings on the small bank and organized 7-storey buildings on the other bank.

Industrial infrastructure
An innovative system of light and recyclable facades has been set up for this project.
The only parts that were built with concrete are the foundations, the shear plate walls and slabs, to save money and materials. The steel understructure, inpired from the industrial buildings, is non-load-bearing, allowing it to be built quickly.

Recyclable facade components
Each element can be removed and recycled. It is made out of a 27cm thick isolating shell, which is composed of a 20cm isolation layer. This means a 30% material gain. The loggias are supported by galvanized steel brackets. The latter are structurally independant, avoiding thermal bridges.

Eco Island
In order to revitalise this former industrial area, this projects focuses on the landscape. The gardens and trees represent more than 50% of each island. The loggias are covered a thin steel net and climbing plants.
Cars will remain into the existing streets.