32 low-energy buildings

ZAC Ecoquartier Fluvial
93450 L'Île-Saint-Denis

Client : Ardissa - FRG
Total area : 2350 m² Fl. Area
Cost of works : 3.5 M€ excl. tax
Performance : 2012 French Thermal, Regulation -30%

A cut shape
In order to remain with the idea of the intimate part of that small arm of the Seine, the roof has the shape of two coupled buildings. The segmented lines of the North and South facades reinforce this fragmentation. Photovoltaic panels are placed upon the inclinated cover.

A two layers shell
The two layer shells answers serves a number of puposes : the summer comfort and the quality of the use of outdoor private spaces.

An innovative light facade
The light metal facade acts as an isolating cover. It is made out of recyclable industrial components : aluminium cladding trays, structure and shell.

The 20 cm isolation layer allows the building to reach the isolation conditions it has to fulfill, with a very thin facade (globally 27cm, excluding the solar panels).